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We are the experts in the compilation and maintenance of cadastral and parcel mapping.

Established in 1998, we are a geomatics engineering firm located in Calgary, Alberta. We specialize in working with very large datasets (city/county/province-wide) across multiple formats and platforms. Our goal is to always provide clients with practical and innovative solutions. Projects thought impossible, overly expensive or excessively complicated are our specialty.

We currently have a contract to maintain the cadastral and parcel mapping databases throughout the province of Alberta. The majority of our work is located within Alberta; however, we have recently completed a significant parcel mapping project in the province of Manitoba and have also completed numerous projects in British Columbia and in the United States.

It’s not just our projects and services that make us leaders in the mapping and dataset industry; the most important success factor for us, is our team. Our staff are surveyors and geomatic engineers with extensive backgrounds in surveying and mapping and with thorough understandings and appreciations of the spatial capture component. We combine tailored solutions and the best subject matter experts to deliver projects in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible.

We have accumulated some impressive statistics:

  • We integrate more than 1,000 digital Plans of Survey monthly.
  • We have integrated over 220,000 Survey Plans to date.
  • More than 300 survey firms submit our plans to the Alberta Land Titles Office.
  • We created the “de facto” digital plan submission standard.
  • We introduced four new provincial datasets:
    • ATS
    • GeoAdministration
    • Title Mapping
    • Disposition Mapping

Experience Highlights

Plan Submission Online (PSO) for the Saskatchewan Information Services Corporation (ISC)

Developed for ISC, PSO is a web application that allows the efficient submission of digital survey plans by Saskatchewan land surveyors. Digital survey plans are submitted online and pre-screened prior to acceptance by the ISC. PSO allows you to enter, check and store your plans of survey and descriptive plans online before submitting them for examination and approval. This application improves the quality of submitted survey plans by performing various checks (e.g. CAD layers, georeferencing, dimension annotation) and providing a survey package that is submitted directly to ISC’s online plan approval systems.

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Alberta’s Survey Plan Online Checker (SPOC)

SPOC is a web application for use by Alberta land surveyors to check the quality of their digital CAD files before submission to Land Titles for approval and registration. It is a mandatory government requirement that all survey plans in Alberta be processed by SPOC prior to registration with the Alberta Land Titles Office. The application performs various checks (e.g. CAD layers, georeferencing, dimension annotation) and provides a package that is ready to submit to the Land Titles’ online submission process.

Over 300 surveyors are registered to use SPOC and over 18,000 survey plans have been processed to-date. We continue to provide support for SPOC via its helpdesk for industry users.

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Parcel Fabric for Manitoba Hydro

We converted over 1 million parcel polygons from 850 existing disparate GIS and CAD datasets into a single province-wide, seamless parcel fabric for Manitoba Hydro using over 20 complex FME workspaces. This data was loaded into Esri’s Cadastral Fabric data model after the completion of a data and business review (Gap analysis) that confirmed source data would support the data model.

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NAD83 Conversions for the City of Calgary & the City of Edmonton

Originally estimated to be a six month long project, the NAD83 conversion for the City of Calgary was considered to be an enormous undertaking. MNC completed it in one weekend. Similarly, we also performed this conversion for the City of Edmonton in just two days, once again showcasing our expertise and efficiency in this space.

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