Consulting & Process Innovation

Revolutionizing Cadastral, Titles and Dispositions Data Management through Software and Process Changes

MNC brings a unique ability to work with clients to quickly identify cadastral, title or disposition data problems and provide appropriate solutions from our suite of proven tools and processes. Our demonstrated, practical approach consistently provides successful cost effective solutions, rapidly delivering business value while minimizing capital costs, risks and delays.

Our experience and expertise in managing extremely large data sets in numerous formats leads to the efficient processing and conversion of large and small graphics, CAD/GIS files and databases. This allows our project teams to focus on working with clients to ensure their specific data integration, processing and presentation needs are met to ensure our clients’ ongoing success.

Solutions to Complex Spatial Data Problems

We implement spatial data innovations, presenting information from a complex variety of data sources, platforms and systems. Our solutions are presented in useful, easy-to-use applications which help minimize costs, training and support for organizations. We have developed best practices and continue research and development with clients in this area, assisting in their projects’ transformations.

Our solutions remove problem areas from our clients’ business processes, seamlessly returning good and clean data in support of those processes that work well. Our tailored approach provides flexibility in determining which processes and services should be performed in the client’s organization or by our experienced staff. This reduces client costs, while supporting their ability to deliver enhanced services and improving data quality as a foundation for the future.

MNC also offers experience in creating sustainment models that enable industry, the public and governments access to up-to-date datasets, under a recoverable cost model that fits budgets (such as affordable user-pay systems).

Product Case Studies

Data Model & Database Design

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