Established in 1997 in Calgary, Alberta by Bill Martin and Wayne Newby, MNC is recognized as an expert in the compilation and maintenance of (highly accurate) cadastral and parcel mapping datasets and in working with large spatial datasets (city/county/state/province-wide) across multiple formats and platforms.

In 2010, The Silvacom Group began its acquisition of MNC, completing it in 2012.

MNC has contributed to a number of significant accomplishments in cadastral and other lands data, including:

  • Plan Submission Online (PSO) for the Saskatchewan Information Services Corporation (ISC)
  • Alberta’s Survey Plan Online Checker (SPOC) for Alberta Land Titles
  • Parcel Fabric Conversion for Manitoba Hydro
  • NAD83 Conversions for the City of Calgary & the City of Edmonton
  • The Alberta Cadastral Fabric
  • The Alberta Titles Fabric
  • The Alberta Public Land Dispositions Fabric

MNC has staff devoted to cadastral, parcel and surface-land mapping projects and applications. The majority of the projects are within Alberta; however, the firm completed a significant parcel mapping project in the province of Manitoba and has also completed numerous parcel mapping projects in the province of British Columbia and in the United States. In 2014, MNC renewed its contract to maintain the Cadastral and Parcel mapping databases throughout the Province of Alberta.

MNC has provided subject matter expertise and training for georeferencing requirements implemented by the Director of Surveys for the Alberta Government and has integrated over 220,000 digital CAD plans of survey into Cadastral, Parcel and Disposition spatial databases for the Province of Alberta.

MNC pride themselves in providing fit-for-purpose solutions and compiling the best subject matter experts to complete projects in a cost effective and timely manner.

Formation of AltaLIS

In late 1997, MNC Ltd. and QC Data Ltd. formed a joint venture company, AltaLIS Ltd. In 2010, QC Data Ltd. sold their shares to The Silvacom Group and North West Geomatics Ltd. Together the experts working under the AltaLIS umbrella are the agents for Spatial Data Warehouse Ltd., managing the five primary mapping data sets for the Province of Alberta:

  1. Cadastral Mapping
  2. Title Mapping
  3. Disposition Mapping
  4. Topographic Mapping
  5. Small Scale Mapping (e.g. 1:1,000,000 scale).

AltaLIS also manages the Provincial GeoAdministration boundaries and the ATS (Alberta Township System).

Through AltaLIS, MNC provides the Province of Alberta and industry with affordable spatial data maintenance; including regular updates, process re-engineering, data storage, data distribution, value-added re-distribution and general management duties. The MNC map maintenance processes include the electronic submission of survey data. MNC has improved map accuracy to sub-millimeter in urban areas, with no capital outlay and covering a quarter million square miles (650,000 km2). Our experts make Alberta’s base mapping infrastructure readily available and accessible to the people who need and depend on precise information. We provide comprehensive GIS ready data to organizations such as:

  • Provincial Government
  • Municipal Government
  • Utility Companies
  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Surveyors