2018: Registered Interests on Titled Land (RITL) – Discovery Report

The Challenge

Following the successful completion of the benchmark study and two APD hosted stakeholder sessions, it was found that additional research into the creation and utilization of mapping data similar to that of the proposed RITL product would be valuable. 

The Solution

MNC completed a Discovery Report in 2018 to address questions and concerns that arose from the RITL Benchmark Project completed in 2017. The Discovery Report included face-to-face interviews and phone meetings with two Government of Alberta (GoA) departments and seven industry corporations, including the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

The purpose of the report was to:
  • Identifying GoA, AER and industry  processes related to RITL
  • Provide clarity for future mapping with respect to registered interests such as caveats and easements
  • Identify areas of possible cross over or collaboration with existing applications and mapping agencies

The Results

Interviewees identified several benefits of having a RITL data product, including:

  • Reducing duplication of data to significantly increase efficiency and drastically decrease cost for data compilation across all sectors;
  • Visualization of interests on the land that does not currently exist for Titled Land and can facilitate simpler communication; and
  • Broad access to a common, authoritative and accurate dataset that will improve engagement with stakeholders and partners.

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