2019: FME Services for Altalink

The Challenge

Currently a manual process was used to compare changes between AltaLink’s eTerravision application (EMS) and the GIS. This manual process was creating challenges of ineffectiveness and inefficiencies. There was a need for better quality and repeatability.

The Solution

MNC automated the GIS data update process end-to-end and eliminated the need for a GIS system outage during the data updates for Altalink. The process to compare changes between Altalink’s Terravision application Environmental Management System(EMS) and GIS was also updated. FME solutions written by MNC professionals were used to provide both of these solutions.

The Results

This manual effort was replaced by an automated process to provide a better, more effective and efficient solution which provided the opportunity to invoke as often as needed. By replacing the labor-intensive comparison of EMS and GIS steps with a programmatic solution this ensured better quality results that are repeatable.

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