2021: Registered Interests on Titled Land (RITL) Pilot Project

In 2021, MNC completed a Pilot Project whose objective was to have a plan in place to roll out Registered Interest on Titled Land (RITL) mapping for all Titled Lands in Alberta. 

The Challenge

A RITL dataset did not exist and therefore this pilot project was created to develop a baseline report to enable further engagement with end users. This project was created to identify the concerns with creating a provincial RITL dataset.

The Solution

For this project, all Registered Interests on Titled Land were mapped using Bentley (MicroStation) software or categorized within 36 Alberta townships. Recommendation and Mapping & Maintenance Report were produced which included:

  • A geographical plan for incremental mapping to complete mapping the remainder of the province
  • Costing, timeline and mapping maintenance estimates to complete the remainder of the province

The Results

This project confirmed that data sources and mapping methods are available to support a successful provincial scale RITL Mapping Program.

The process of mapping over 1300 registered interests on title land provided insight into considerations for a province wide dataset.

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