2023: Alignment Services

The Challenge

A leader in the delivery and transformation of reliable data and insightful solutions in Canada needed some help aligning GIS datasets to their ownership parcel data.

Misaligned GIS data leads to inaccuracies in spatial analyses, hindering infrastructure planning, and impacting emergency response effectiveness. Interoperability issues, legal compliance risks, and increased costs for data rectification further underscore the importance of maintaining accurate and aligned GIS datasets for optimal operations.

The Solution

MNC was selected to provide services using Esri (ArcGIS PRO), to align this data.  In collaboration with the client, the data was reviewed and assessed, hierarchy and attribution rules were agreed upon, and the final product was defined. The adjusted data was delivered in bundles of parcels defined by geographic areas adhering to the client’s parcel fabric schema.

The Results

The client is now able to sustain spatially aligned datasets, leading to an enhancement in their overall quality and increased usability for end-users. Aligned GIS data fosters accurate decision-making, optimizing resource allocation, and enhancing overall operational efficiency, enabling municipalities to deliver public services more efficiently and make informed, data-driven decisions for sustainable development.

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