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FME Data Integration Platform connects systems, transforms data and automates workflows allowing clients to focus on their business rather than manipulating data.

Developing a seamless workflow for data conversion and integration is an important initiative for many of our customers. As a Safe Software Authorized Partner and FME® Solution Provider, we offer FME services including the development of FME workflows that simplify the integration of datasets. These workflows maintain a high degree of data quality that also improves the productivity of our customers’ operations.

Read our ParcelMap BC FME integration case study

Our FME Team

Our FME team includes data analysts, workflow experts, FME developers and FME Certified Professionals.

We are a great fit to assist you in meeting your business needs:

  • We are experienced with standard FME business solutions
  • We understand the development culture and the acceptance process
  • We have existing relationships with many data providers across North America
  • We have a vast depth of experience in the parcel mapping realm – it is our core business
  • We are a Safe Software™ Authorized Partner

What our Customers Say

We recently had an issue where we had to convert survey points (csv file) and LiDAR data from UTM coordinates to a local grid system. Fortunately, we had the parameters supplied, but needed routines built in FME to convert the data files. Not having anyone within our office to do this, I turned to Ellen Styner at MNC. Their staff were very knowledgeable and understood what I required. The routines were developed quickly and ran flawlessly. I thank Ellen and her staff for the quality service. I will not hesitate to ask her for help again should the need arise.

– Lester Chute, Co-Owner, Alberta Geomatics & Mapping Consultants Inc.

Do you need help with data conversion to achieve your business needs? Our team of experienced professionals are here to help!

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