MNC GIS Specialist Earns Esri’s “Going Places with Spatial Analysis” Certificate

Calgary, Alberta, October 22, 2019: The MNC team would like to congratulate GIS specialist, Heather Campbell, on earning Esri’s “Going Places with Spatial Analysis” certificate through Esri’s MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) training.

This six-week online course allows learners to gain a deeper understanding of spatial data analysis by giving them hands-on experience using the Analysis Tools available from within ArcGIS Online’s Map Viewer.

After completing the course, Heather shared the highlights of her Esri MOOC training:

“I liked how each exercise in the course started out by describing a real-world scenario and then framing a question with which to guide both the analysis process and how to present the information output as a result of the analysis. I thought this approach was a great reminder to me as a GIS Analyst to always keep in mind the basic question that my analysis is trying to answer.

In addition, I was exposed to the various Analysis Tools available from within Map Viewer and I understand just how much geoprocessing is available with these tools. I can definitely see myself using these tools and some of the workflows from the course for future cloud-based mapping and analysis.”

Learn more about Esri’s “Going Places with Spatial Analysis” course.