Martin Newby Consulting Ltd. (MNC Ltd.) Joins the Esri ArcGIS Marketplace with Land Management Services Offers

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – April 04, 2024, Land Management Services

MNC has a rich history of successfully executing land-related projects, they have left an indelible mark not only in Canada, but also in diverse regions of North America and the Caribbean. Trust MNC to bring unparalleled expertise ensuring precision, efficiency, and cutting-edge solutions for your land management requirements.

MNC is pleased to be part of the Esri Partner Network (EPN) and was recognized at the 2023 EPC as an Esri Cornerstone Partner for 20 Years of commitment to Esri and ArcGIS software. “We are excited about the opportunities our Land Management Services offering will bring from our listing on ArcGIS Marketplace,” stated Ellen Styner, MNC’s General Manager.

MNC was designated an ArcGIS Marketplace Provider by earning the ArcGIS System Ready Specialty, as well as having services and/or solutions that utilize ArcGIS software in the ArcGIS Marketplace. This designation is for partners that are keeping pace with Esri technology; have industry expertise; offer solutions, services, or content based on the latest Esri software releases; and help users make smart decisions using ArcGIS. MNC has also achieved the Parcel Management Specialty designation from Esri and takes pride in being among the pioneering companies to attain this specialization, marking the first non-US company to receive such recognition.

To visit our ArcGIS Marketplace listing, please click here: For more detailed information regarding any of the above-mentioned technologies, please visit the MNC website:

MNC is the expert in the compilation and maintenance of cadastral and parcel mapping.  Providing clients with practical and innovative data collection, mapping and geomatics solutions related to surveyed land information.

For further information on land management, please contact:

Name: Ellen Styner

Title: General Manager, MNC


Phone: (403) 294-1028

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