1998: Alliance Pipeline

This was MNC’s original venture into GIS, tackling a 2,391 mile (3,848 km) long natural gas pipeline for Alliance

Alliance Pipeline logo

The Challenge

This project had thousands of documents from proposed to AS built CAD files  in both Bentley (MicroStation) and AutoDesk (AutoCAD)  formats for the pipe alignment and build, facility drawings, emergency plans, land applications etc., all of which were not easily accessible to the Team.  They wanted a WEB GIS system that could house all the documents and plans with easy access and all spatial plans were to be geo-referenced

Alliance Pipeline MNC project

The Solution

MNC built a smart map integrating data from various sources providing access to all the documents and drawing files.

The Results

The Smart Map provided real time information about the project, which improved decision making and enhanced the user experience.

Alliance Pipeline map

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